Buckle up and get ready for a thrilling ride through the world of underrated 4WD modifications and accessories. We uncover the unsung heroes that can take your off-road adventures to a whole new level! Crack open a cold one and get ready to plan your next trip!


 Picture this: you’re conquering rough terrains, tackling water crossings and bog holes, and kicking up dust like a champ. But have you ever thought about your differentials? Those hardworking components need some love too!

Enter Differential Breathers, the unsung heroes of off-roading. By extending these breathers, you keep water and dust at bay, ensuring smooth operation and preventing costly damage. They’re like a protective shield for your precious 4WD internals!

Diff Breather Kits allow you to drive through deeper mud holes and rivers without the fear of water intake into your differentials, protecting the oil inside and therefore saving your diffs from early wear and damage. Snorkles for water crossings are highly recommended addition as well.

water crossing cape york

ARB 170112 Differential Breather Kit for Dana Style Axles | Quadratec

“One of your best invertments if you do water crossings and heavy mudding, place them high and remember to check and clean them often. Additionally a Snorkle would be a great addition.”


We all know about winches and snatch straps, but let’s talk about the unsung hero behind the scenes: recovery points! They might not get the spotlight, but boy, are they crucial! These sturdy points, like rated recovery hooks or hitch receivers, provide a safe and solid anchor for your recovery equipment. They’re the trusty sidekicks that make sure you don’t end up stuck in a rut or a mud pit forever. Trust us, they’re the best wingmen you could ask for!

Simple bolt-on Recovery Points can help with front recoveries and double-line winch pulls, and even a hitch receiver replacement recovery point is perfect for rear recoveries on the beach or even in mud. A Soft Shackle and Hitch is the perfect option as it is the safest form of rear recovery as it requires the use of Soft Shackles – taking some metal out of a potentially dangerous situation.

Jeep Wrangler JL/JT Front Shackle Tab Kit - Replaces Factory Red Hook on  Rubicon Bumpers – HK Offroad


We can’t forget about camping Awnings! These versatile accessories are like magical canopies that transform your campsite into a cozy oasis. Whether you’re seeking shelter from scorching sun rays or taking cover during an unexpected rain shower, camping awnings have got your back. They provide shade, protection, and a perfect spot to relax, unwind, and share stories with your fellow adventurers.

Set up a cozy lounge area, create an outdoor kitchen, or simply enjoy the panoramic views from the comfort of your campsite. Camping awnings are the ultimate camping hack that adds a touch of comfort and luxury to your outdoor escapades. So, don’t miss out on this underrated gem that will make your camping experience even more epic!

Awnings range from simple Side Awnings, smaller Rear Awnings, and Shower Awnings, to huge quick set up 270 awnings that cover both the side and rear of your 4WD for ultimate coverage. Awnings also can be customized with Tent Attachments for complete shelter, Mesh Fly Net Walls to escape the mozzies, or even a simple Awning Wall for extra space and shade.

Kit out your awning at camp to make it your portable home, with camp Lighting Strips, a Mesh Flooring to keep away sand – and even hang up your towels to dry or hang up our Tool Roll as a storage system (not just for tools!)

Tents, Awnings & Camping | ARB 4x4 Accessories


Imagine navigating treacherous rocky terrains, only to hear a cringe-worthy scrape along your 4WD’s sides. But fear not, because rock sliders are here to save the day! They protect your precious bodywork from those nasty rock impacts, allowing you to conquer any obstacle with style and grace. Say goodbye to scratches and dings – rock sliders have got your back!

Rock Sliders are often the forgotten bit of protection as most people think bull bars are more important, but side protection is equally important and will save the day more often than you would think! Also, the addition of rock sliders means you can add Scrub Bars to protect your wheel arches too.

Rock Sliders - Body vs Frame Mount | Jeep Wrangler Forum


Do you know what’s super important in off-roading? Tyre pressure! And that’s where our trusty companions, the Portable Air Compressor and Tyre Deflator, step in. This little marvel is a game-changer. From inflating your tires before hitting the trails to re-inflating after thrilling off-road escapades, it’s got your tire pressure needs covering. These accessories ensure you always have the perfect balance of grip and comfort. Your tires will thank you!

All the time you see people tackling trails or driving on the beach and getting stuck, when taking the time to drop your PSI to the Right Tyre Pressure will save you from getting in trouble! Doing so also makes a more comfortable ride and protects the life of your tires and looks after the suspension of your 4WD too.

Shauno tyre pressure

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